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Creative Freelancers Directory: FAQs

What is a Creative Freelancer?

A creative freelancer is a person who is self-employed and whose skills fall within a Creative Area listed on this directory.

Why use this site?

Find creative professionals who offer high quality services.

· It is 100% Free to search and contact creative freelancers!

· There are No Referral or Commission Fees - most freelance directories charge to either contact a freelancer, or charge for the lead.

· Communication is protected with 256-bit Encryption site-wide which keeps everyone using this directory safe and secure.

Why choose a Creative Freelancer?

Creative Freelancers are independent creative professionals who provide services to a diverse range of clients, from individuals starting up a new business, to established companies who are looking for a unique and fresh approach. They have a varied workload throughout the year, and they choose what specialisms most inspire them. This leads to an emphasis on quality, and attention to the fine detail that can sometimes be lacking in work from larger companies. The Creative Freelancer develops a personal working relationship with their clients and devotes their time to produce a bespoke solution. As Creative Freelancers generally work alone, their focus remains on those one or two projects under commission.

What should I consider when comissioning a Creative Freelancer?

Get to know their work to ensure it is a good match for what you envision. Take time to consider exactly what your requirements are, and the budget you have at your disposal. Be clear and articulate from the outset about your needs, the review process, and fulfillment. Sign a contract and be frequently involved in the project's development through your participation. Good communication is the key to success.

Why become a Member?

As a Creative Freelancer your services will be seen by more potential clients - for FREE! Potential clients may contact you easily, and there are no referral or commission fees.

Members enjoy a free professional company listing including the ability to present photos and images of their work, and unlike many creative directories, they may link directly to their website and social media networks improving their website's SEO footprint (Google will like you). Those who complete their profile move up to the next level and enjoy membership options that provide the ability to upload a CV/Brochure/Artist Statement, Video, Article & Blog Postings, and a lot more besides. Read the List of Benefits.

I sell products or services to creative people. Can I become a member?

No. This directory is exclusively for those who offer creative services.

Individuals and companies who do not offer creative services and attempt to register with the intention of promoting their business will be deleted immediately and without notice.

I am a creative freelancer, how do I enjoy a free upgrade?

Sign Up as a Free Member, then enjoy an upgrade to the Pro and Elite levels without charge, and for life! The only requirements are that you work independently (rather than represent or work with a team of people), and that you complete your listing (including a short 100 word or more section in the member 'About' section for the Pro level) before being upgraded.

Why do you offer free upgrades?

Member profiles with more detailed information on their profile pages improves the overall quality of this directory.

Creative Freelancers enjoy free upgrades to the next membership level when they complete their listing. A completed listing has content in the About section (100 words or more), a profile image etc. The About section in member profiles is important as it provides information about member services, their experience, and gives members the opportunity to present short testimonials from their clients.

Members are guided through the listing process in their control panel. Although completing a listing is not compulsory when becoming a member, they raise the standard of the directory and significantly increase the member's visibility.

I form part of a team of creatives. Can I join this directory?

Yes. Sign up as a member and your profile will be reviewed, then assigned as a "Company Listing".

Note that companies do not qualify for free upgrades which are only offered to individual creative freelancers.

It is a requirement that companies listed on this directory provide and originate creative services. The Creative Freelancers Directory does not list agencies, companies that sell pre-existing "off-the-shelf" services, outsourcing companies, or companies that do not clearly state named individuals on their website 'About' page.

Do you share data with outside companies and/or organisations? 

No. The Creative Freelancers Directory does not share any 'off-line data' (mailing list e-mail addresses and any data collected for purposes other than for on-line publication on our web site) with any commercial entity, and only discloses this data when required to do so by UK and/or International law.

The Creative Freelancers Directory is registered under the Data Protection Act 1998 (UK) with the ICO (Information Commissioner's Office): Registration Number Z5916512.

Does your directory act as an agent for creative professionals? 

No. The Creative Freelancers Directory does not act as an agency. Commissions are not received on any work generated as a result of our directory, and we do not represent Client's interests to creative professionals with the exception of allowing them to contact members. This ensures Clients and Members enjoy the benefits of an introductory service without being tied into an agency levy.

Can Freelancers link to fundraising sites like Kickstarter?

No. The Creative Freelancers Directory does not permit its members to link to fundraising sites like Kickstarter, Indiegogo or Patreon as fundraising sites require or encourage immediate payment for projects that are defined by specific products and/or services.

The purpose of the Freelancers Directory is to encourage communication between those seeking creative services and those offering them. Fundraising sites tend by their nature to stimulate an impulsive pledge or regular financial commitment to support a particular project or person. This is in contrast to the arrangement between a client and a creative professional who provides a bespoke service over a specified period - it is this that defines the client commission.

How secure is your site?

Our web site protocol is served via a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) with 256-bit GeoTrust encryption (branded RapidSSL). All browsing and communication between clients and members, as well as member interaction with their control panel, is carried out end-to-end using a server encryption protocol.

A padlock icon and "https://" prefix appears in the status bar of the visitor’s browser to show the information they have entered is safe.

Our server is managed by one of the world’s largest hosting companies, SoftLayer, with Host Intrusion Protection, uninterruptible power, physical security (SOC II report compliance), network monitoring, RAID drives, and high-bandwidth direct connections to the Internet.

How reliable is your service?

Our servers employ Softlayer’s content delivery network (CDN) for high performance transfers of every type of file. The CDN moves content close to end users around the world. In addition, this site is independently monitored for server performance, reliability, and security 24/7/365.

Where are your terms and privacy policy?

You'll find links to our Terms and Privacy Policy at the bottom right of every page on the site.

How much control do Members have of their profile?

Members have online control over the content of their member pages 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Members may create and edit their profiles according to their Member level benefits, and they may delete their profile at any time.

Are there any banner adds or affiliate links on this directory?

No. The Creative Freelancers Directory does not generate revenue from any source other than through member subscriptions. If you observe an affiliate link has been placed on a profile page by a Member, please Contact Us and we will remove it immediately.

Who is behind this site?

This site is run by Mike de Sousa, a creative with over thirty five years of experience in a broad range of media including art, music, photography, literature and design. Mike provides this service without charge as part of his commitment to encourage and support creativity. In particular, for those independent creative people who provide creative freelance services.

Do you require Cookies and JavaScript?

Yes. Creative Freelancers uses Cookies and JavaScript to enable the smooth flow of member services and payment transactions. Although users are able to browse our directory while Cookies and JavaScript are disabled, users are not able to carry out advanced directory functions unless users enable their browser to allow Cookies and JavaScript. You may also like to review our Cookie Policy.

If you have any further questions don't hesitate to ask using our Contact Form.

Mike de Sousa
Creative Adventurer